The Drowsy Chaperone Auditions, ACTA Theater in Trussville, Alabama

Important Dates

Audition Dates: Monday and Tuesday April 15th and 16th, 2003

Performance Dates: July 11th-14th and 18th-21st, 2024

Rehearsals to start (tentatively) on Monday, April 29th


Adult actors (18-80) strongly preferred for most roles but older teenage actors will be considered.

Audition Instructions (Auditioning for ALL roles)

Please prepare 32 bars of music in the style of the show.

Unfortunately, we will not have an accompanist, so please bring a track to sing to. We will have the ability to play the track easily from your iPhone or Android device.

If you are auditioning for a principle role, please also include a 30 second monologue (comedic, melodramatic, dramatic). Monologue REQUIRED for consideration of “Man in Chair” role

Dance (especially tap for Robert and George) skill is a strong plus for some roles.

If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s an a clip from the 2006 Tony Awards of the number “Show Off” to get you started!

Character Breakdown from Broadway Rose:

Man in Chair: Not specified in the added details, as this character acts more as a narrator and commentator rather than participating directly in the storyline that unfolds in his apartment.

Janet Van De Graaff: In her late 20s-early 30s, Janet is the radiant star leaving Feldzieg’s Follies for love. She embodies the quintessential 1920s starlet—beautiful, vivacious, and loves the spotlight. Her performer background suggests strong movement abilities, and maybe special skills like acrobatics or juggling. Vocal range is Alto with a strong belt from G3 to E5.

Robert Martin: Aged 30-40, Robert is the cheesy, cheerful groom-to-be, encapsulating the 1920s leading man aesthetic. He’s deeply in love with Janet and has a capacity for tap dancing and roller skating. Tenor range from C3 – Ab4.

The Drowsy Chaperone: A melodramatic diva in her 40s-50s, she’s Janet’s confidante with a penchant for alcohol. Picture Liza Minnelli blended with Tallulah Bankhead, delivering humor with a strong belt Alto range from F3-D5.

Aldolpho: A Latin lothario in his 30-40s, Aldolpho exudes confidence and foolishness, believing himself to be the ultimate womanizer. Requires vaudeville-style acting, a fake Spanish/Italian accent, and a vocal range that spans Bass/Baritone to a great falsetto from A#2-G4.

Mrs. Tottendale: This character (45-80) embodies the wealthy, absent-minded widow to comedic effect. She has an Alto character voice ranging from G3-Db5, showcasing her flightiness and charm.

Underling: Mrs. Tottendale’s butler (45-80) brings stoic humor with dry wit and sarcasm, reminiscing Arthur Treacher and Niles from The Nanny. His vocal range is a Tenor character voice from Ab2-G4.

Mr. Feldzieg: The impatient and overbearing producer desperate to halt the wedding to keep Janet in show business. Baritone range from Db3-Db4.

Kitty: A 30s era “dumb blonde” with ambitions of stardom, reminiscent of iconic 1920s characters. She exudes comedic charm with a Soprano belt ranging from Bb3-F5.

George: Robert’s earnest and nervous best man. Loyal and sincere, his primary concern is the wedding success. Tenor with a range from F3-Bb4; must be proficient in tap.

Gangsters 1 & 2: These jovial gangsters disguised as pastry chefs bring comedic flavor with stylized movements and a penchant for wordplay. Dance and good comic timing essential. Vocal range for both is Tenor, Db3-Gb4.

Trix the Aviatrix: Trix is the bold and commanding female pilot, possibly doubling in the ensemble. Originated by an African American actress, she exudes confidence with an Alto range from Ab3-Eb5.

Ensemble: Consisting of 2 men and 2 women, this group supports the cast with strong dance and vocal abilities across the ranges of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.

Superintendant: Man in chair’s building superintendant. Speaking only, no song or dance.