Learning 5s

5S is key to a sustainable support system.  This might sound strange to those who are already familiar with 5s, a lean manufacturing methodology designed to eliminate waste…but the principles of lean manufacturing may apply more to shaping your support methodology than you think.  Support queues are like assembly lines…FIFO, 5s and more are all legitimate ways to tackle handling the issues that our users are facing every day.

There are five steps that make up 5s.  I’ve listed them below, along with a very short description to help remind you of the main goals at each step.

  1. Sort – Keep what matters, get rid of the clutter
  2. Set – Find a place for everything
  3. Shine – Take the time regularly to tidy up
  4. Standardize – Document your plan
  5. Sustain – Stick to it

Below is my WordCamp Atlanta talk where I dive a bit deeper into the five steps, but I’m going to break down each step in more detail soon.

Sustainable Support – Creating Happiness for Your Users Without Sacrificing Your Own